“To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.” – George Kneller

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The Process


Thinking outside of the box is great. But sometimes, we need to take what we already have in place and put a new twist on it. Businesses and organizations usually have a wealth of resources, some ready to go, some in concept only and even some tried years ago and may not have worked as well as expected. Creative Missions works to bring out the natural resources with in your business to help promote, sell, invite and send the message that needs to be broadcast. 



We look to the expert in the field for much of our needed information but we also need to do our research. What are the ways in which you need to compete to get your message out? How are other companies and organizations getting their  message out and is it effective? We begin with a client worksheet and a conversation. And maybe meeting for coffee. Then the research takes shape into...the plan. 


The Plan

Plans are fantastic and wonderful, especially when they look clean and neat on paper or on our screens. Plans are created to set your goals into motion. And as with any plan, they sometimes have to be flexible according to what is working and what is not. But you need a plan.  And Creative Missions is here to help create, orchestrate and manage. We just need to get started. 


Want a place to connect about Church Hospitality? Check out this group!

Sometimes, it is the simple things that make the biggest impact. 


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Church Marketing 

If you are church blessed with a massive budget and a full staff ready to launch a new program, build a website, maintain social media and run successful events all while holding to the Great Commission and reaching out to those within the church and those in the community, then read no more. You're all set. 

However, if you need some help and don't have a large budget to hire a marketing director or consultant, I would like to help. The local church is one of the hardest working entities and has to be so many things to so many different people. Creative Missions was inspired by wanting to help churches get the marketing support they need in a budget-friendly manner and with positive results. 

From digital marketing to event planning, Creative Missions is here to help. Call today 609-221-4678 to start the conversation. 


Current & Past Clients


Hugh’s Clock Shop / social media creation & management, website updates, seo

Duffield’s Farm Market / Website, social media, flyers, ad creation

St. John’s United methodist church / website, social media, seo, app, graphic design

Fruitwood Farms / website, social media, graphic design

Malaga Camp / website