Creativity can set your business or organization as leader in your field or market. 

Creativity can set your business or organization as leader in your field or market. 


ABC’s of SEO

Tina Yerkes, Creative Missions Marketing & Events


We all begin somewhere on our learning curve in life, whether in the classroom or parenting.  Having been in sales and marketing, I had heard of SEO and how companies need to be doing it but not how it actually worked.  I pulled together the ABC’s of SEO and then added a couple more letters to give the full picture.

Where do we begin with SEO? To quote a song, that has been sung in my home many times, “Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. When you read, you begin with ABC and when you sing you being with... “ well, you know the rest.

Search Engine Optimization is necessary to filter all of that amazing information on the internet which makes your website relevant and found by potential customers. In talking with some businesses who have tried SEO, they shared having run SEO campaigns and did not see the tangible benefit, or the dollar signs to support the ROI reports. I think it is vital to not only learn about SEO but more over the expectation of outcome in a SEO campaign.

A - Attraction of customers to your website is most likely one of the pipelines for your business success. Why build a website that is not found on page one or two?  Will potential customers really take time to search for your business to page 5? Your business depends on being found, quickly & satisfying their search. Proper SEO techniques are what get your business the attention it requires.

B - Basic SEO techniques include having strong links on your page and should only add value to your keywords and SEO campaign. No broken links allowed. Everyone has something to say about their company. What informational blogs can you post on your site? Take a day or two and come up with a 500 word “talking point” blog or article. Not a sales pitch, no one needs more commercials filling up their day. SEO is always changing, give the campaign time to take hold and sometimes strategies must change periodically to produce the positive outcome.

C - Content, content & more relevant content are essential to a productive SEO campaign. Have you ever been in a conversation where you have asked a question and not only did they not answer you, but you learned more about a topic then you wanted?  Describe your businesses clearly, concisely and in an attention grabbing format, especially on the home page. What keywords best describe your company that you can include in your description?

SEO, done correctly, is valuable and measurable for a successful business. There are many types of SEO packages out there. They are not all created the same, nor are they priced the same. Remember, “If it sounds too good to be true…”

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